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July 25, 2018 Water System Restoration Updated

May contain: hydrant and fire hydrant

Tico Construction has completed the removal of all debris from the fire, and has installed a pipeline to bypass Reservoir #1 so it can be taken out of service, cleaned and inspected for damage.  The State Division of Drinking Water has informed the District that Reservoir #1, the way it was constructed before the fire, does not meet current waterworks standards due to risk of contamination by animals.  Therefore, the state is recommending that the District construct a new, steel water tank meeting current standaards.  The Districct is currently attempting to secure grant funding to pay for the tank, and has hired Pace Enginering of Redding to determine the best location for the tank and related equipment.  

All three of the District groundwater wells are back online and pumping, and we will once again be flushing the system on July 26, 2018 to further clean the pipelines and to bring fresh groundwater into the system.  At the same time, the flushing will reduce the amount of chlorine in the water so that it can once again be used for showering and bathing, whicch we expect to be the 26th or 27th at the latest.  Part of the reason for the high chlorine levels was to disinfect the system to allow us to lift the Do NOT Drink notice as quickly as possible.