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Urgent Notice Regarding Low Pressure/Water Outage

June 19, 2018

Due to a water system leak, some areas of the water system may be experiencing  low water pressure or no water at all.  Please review the following notice being delivered to affected customers:, 






1.                  If you are experiencing water outages or low water pressure, immediately discontinue any non-essential water use.  This includes all outdoor irrigation and car washing.  Minimizing use will reduce the potential for the water system to lose pressure or run out of water.  Please notify your water system if you experience an outage or low pressure.


2.                  If the water looks cloudy or dirty, you should not drink it.  Upon return of normal water service, you should flush the hot and cold water lines until the water appears clear and the water quality returns to normal.


3.                  If you are concerned about the water quality or are uncertain of its safety, you may add eight drops of household bleach to one gallon of water and let it sit for 30 minutes or alternatively, if you are able, water can be boiled for one minute at a rolling boil to ensure it is safe for consumption.


4.                  Use of home treatment devices does not guarantee the water supply is safe after low pressure situations.


5.                  Do not be alarmed if you experience higher than normal chlorine concentrations in your water supply since the State Water Resources Control Board is advising public water utilities to increase chlorine residuals in areas subject to low pressure or outages.


6.                  The State Water Resources Control Board has also advised public water systems to increase the bacteriological water quality monitoring of the distribution system in areas subject to low pressure.  This may include collecting samples in your area to confirm that the water remains safe for consumption.  You will be promptly advised if the sampling reveals a water quality problem.


7.                  Your water system is committed to ensuring that an adequate quantity of clean, wholesome, and potable water is delivered to you.  We recommend that you discuss the information in this notice with members of your family to assure that all family members are prepared should water outages or low water pressure occur.